Bruno Ops, better known simply as Grandpa to Eve, is the chief of the cyclopes in Royalynn and, as his nickname implies, the adopted grandfather of Evelyn Pierce. He is well-liked by his followers and cares deeply for them. Like all members of his race, he has geokinesis, magic that allows him to manipulate the earth.


Bruno was good friends with Joanna Pierce when she first arrived in Royalynn. He also took an immediate liking to Eve, who affectionately nicknamed him 'Grandpa'. Following her mother's death, he was the closest thing Eve had to a true family until she met Clare. He resides on Lava Lake, where he governs the village from his den. He was once a very prominent fighter among his tribe, but recently, old age has caught up with him. As a result, he doesn't do much of anything active anymore.


Evelyn PierceEdit

Bruno is first introduced when Eve and Clare save his village from being buried by lava, an event he inadvertently caused when he attempted to scare of monsters with an earthquake. As she does all cyclopes, Clare fears him at first, but he teaches her to overcome her fears of the world.

Eve also brings him up when faced with the offer of joining Lucas. Later on, Bruno sends a letter to her congratulating her on her victory.

Sky's the LimitEdit

Bruno does not appear in this story, though he is briefly mentioned. Also, Eve meets her real grandfather, Gordon, who is the king of the harpies.

The Royal PainEdit

Bruno has a major part in this story. Prior to Eve's birth, he was entrusted by his predecessor the blade of the Royal Sword, one of the three pieces needed to reforge it. He gladly grants it to Eve after she once again saves his village, this time from a monster attack

Overall UndoubtedlyEdit

Bruno sends some of his villagers to help Clare spree Adam from his imprisonment so he can rescue Eve from Mortimer. The reason he himself couldn't have helped is because of his immobility.


As mentioned above, Bruno has geokinesis. His powers include:

  • Summoning earthquakes
  • Creating fissures in the ground
  • Calling up earth from below a body of water
  • Creating columns of earth, mainly to use as obstacles
  • Warping through the earth (he doesn't use this one much)

In addition to these, Bruno is also gifted with immense levels of strength. Because cyclopes represent the earth and all things living on land, he can communicate with wild beasts. Also, he is the only one capable of summoning his piece of the Royal Sword.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bruno is very physically intimidating. He is described as being fifteen feet tall, and is very fat and muscular. His skin is apparently a dark gray color, implied to be from burns he sustained earlier in life. His eye, like those of all cyclopes, is bright red.