Evelyn Pierce


Aviation Station


Edmund Royce (father)
Joanna Pierce (mother)
Clara Royce (cousin)
Robert Royce (uncle)
Miranda Royce (aunt)
Gordon Pierce (grandfather)
Jacob Pierce (cousin)
Kadija Cross (adopted mother)
Bruno Ops (adopted grandfather)
Lucas (godfather)


16 (as of Overall Undoubtedly)


Magic (fire, ice, light)
Royal Sword
Rifle (temporarily)



Alternate form of

Isabelle Trigni

Evelyn Pierce, better known simply as Eve, is the protagonist of the series. She is the daughter of the harpy Joanna Pierce and the Royal Edmund Royce. Because of her rare lineage, Eve has magical control over fire, ice, and light, and owns a hot-air balloon she often uses to fly through the kingdom and help people.

History Edit

After Joanna Pierce ran away from Celestial City and gave up her harpy bloodline, she met Edmund Royce, where he worked as head of Royalynn's defense system at the castle. The two began a relationship almost instantly and after several months, Eve was born. Knowing the danger she posed to the future of the world, as well as the impending danger regarding the imprisonment of Edmund's old friend, Lucas, he explained to Joanna that he couldn't be a part of his daughter's first years of life.

After he left, Joanna raised Eve on her own as the two of them traveled through the kingdom. Although the new addition was neither expected nor necessarily wanted, Joanna loved her daughter very much. She introduced her to the many races of the kingdom, such as the mermaids and cyclopes, all of whom took an immediate liking to Eve. When the child turned eight years old, Joanna began the trip to the castle so that she could introduce her to her father.

However, when they were only an hour away from the palace, Lucas appeared to Eve. After taunting her about her uncertain future, he finally tricked her into knocking her mother out of the balloon and into the blistery haze below. Eve made the rest of the journey to the castle alone and was ultimately placed in the care of Kadija Cross, the owner of a tavern in Royalynn's Capital. Here she resided until she turned fourteen, when she left in her balloon to explore the world on her own.


Evelyn PierceEdit

Eve's backstory is explained in this book. The real journey began one night as she slept in Kadija's tavern. Edmund, worried about an upcoming invasion, sent the kingdom's princess, Clara, away in Eve's balloon.

Upon discovery of the stowaway, however, Eve decides to bring her back to the castle rather than try and protect her. Unfortunately, the two return to the Capital only to find it in ruins; the invading army passed through it on their way to the castle, where they easily overcame the defense forces and took control. Upon learning of an unguarded mountain pass halfway across the kingdom from Kadija, Eve and Clare decide to try and make the journey there to save the kingdom.

Although the pair are initially wary of each other, they eventually become friends as they realize the sacrifices they are both making. Eve gradually discovers her now-awakening fire and ice magic as she utilizes them to thaw out the Crystal Caverns and save the mermaids and save the cyclopes lava-covered village, respectively; she can will her hair to take on the form of a large hand infused with fire power and can shoot ice from her eyes and freeze things. Finally, they come to Frosty Heights, the place where Eve's mother perished, and decide to wait out the blizzard plaguing the area in a cabin they discover.

Upon studying a picture Clare finds in the cabin, Eve discovers that it is actually her own birthplace and Clare's Uncle Edmund is her father; although initially unsure of whether to believe the theory, Clare gradually comes to accept it as true. The next day, instead of moving on to the castle, the two stay and have a fun time in the snow, something neither of them has ever enjoyed before. However, Eve accidentally comes across her mother's resting place and passes out. Later on, back inside her cabin, she finally explains the entirety of her involvement in her mother's death - she originally told everyone at the castle that it was accidental. Clare assures her that she didn't do it intentionally and that she must learn to forgive herself and move on.

The duo spends another night in the cabin before finally heading to the castle, where they are able to free Edmund and the soldiers from the dungeons. Eve questions Edmund about her paternity and why he hadn't claimed her earlier on; however, before he can explain, a man called Lucas arrives. Lucas explains to Eve that neither Edmund nor Clare actually cared about her - they only were nice to her so she would help them, after which they planned to get rid of her. He attempts to convince her to lend him her power and join him in his conquest of the world. However, before she accepts, she is warned by Clare of his true intentions; the princess points out that Lucas was the reason Eve's mother died and urges Eve not to let him trick her as he had done before. Eve decides to turn down Lucas' offer, telling him she would rather die with her family.

Lucas flees the castle in his own balloon while Eve and Clare give chase; they are able to knock it out of the sky. As Eve goes to investigate the wreckage, however, Lucas traps her in a makeshift arena with his dark magic and the two battle one-on-one. Eve quickly discovers, however, that Lucas is invulnerable to her fire and ice magic, so she combines the two together to form light for the first time, turns her own body into a comet, and generates an explosion to scare him off, nearly vaporizing herself in the process.

Hours later, Eve awakens to find herself safely resting in the castle, with Edmund at her bedside. He explains to her the full extent of what she had done, and the two reconcile after he tells her he only kept their relation a secret to protect her from Lucas; if she had come to live at the castle, the dark wizard would have only found her sooner. Edmund also apologizes for getting her involved in the mess surrounding the invasion and tells her that, if she ever wishes to speak with her mother, he can always use his powers to help her do so.

Later on, Eve is visited by Clare, who thanks her for saving the kingdom and reveals to her that Lucas had lied; while the princess had indeed planned on getting rid of Eve at first - she initially believed Eve had kidnapped her - she changed her mind after seeing her cousin do so much to save the mermaids, cyclopes, and ultimately the entire kingdom. Eve also apologizes for allowing herself to be nearly brainwashed into deposing Clare; however, she gladly forgives her and the two resume their friendship. After receiving letters of congratulations from the mermaids and cyclopes, Eve learns that Kadija also made a journey to the castle, having learned that the kingdom was back under control. Eve relaxes knowing she is surrounded by those who truly love her.

Sky's the Limit Edit

The story starts where the last one left off; with help from her father, Eve is preparing to make contact with her deceased mother. The spell goes as planned, and Joanna forgives her daughter for her mistake. She goes on to reveal even more of Eve's lineage; her grandpa - Joanna's father - is the king of the harpies, a race residing inside a city in the clouds. Joanna explains that she ran away from there when she was younger and advises that Eve return in her stead and make amends with her grandfather.

The following day, Eve tells Clare about the upcoming adventure. The princess is able to find more information on the harpies, and Eve ultimately decides that she must go visit them after receiving a prophecy. Clare then agrees to travel with her, and the two set out, leaving a note behind for Edmund. Upon arriving in the ancient civilization - Cloudcrest Kingdom - the two discover that it is actually inside a cloud.

Immediately after their arrival, Eve learns that the Great Storm - a prominent ceremony occurring once a year - is approaching. King Gordon, her grandfather, meets with her and tells her that when Joanna ran away, she took his lightning bolt, a key ingredient in the celebration, with her. Eve insists her mother is innocent, and Gordon, enraged, forbids her from leaving the city until she chooses to tell him the truth.

Clare heads back to Royalynn in hopes that Edmund will know of a way to help, and Eve explores the castle. At nightfall, she sneaks out and uses her light powers to fly out of the city; instead of heading back to the world below, though, she decides to stay so she can do something to help her people. She meets and forms a friendship with a star, Benny, after she saves him from falling out of the sky.

The next day, Eve retreats to the city and meets another relative - her sneaky yet generous cousin, Jacob, who she is surprised to find believes her story. The two talk briefly about Eve's future in the city, and then she shows him the prophecy she received. As he is reading it, however, a monsters breaks through the cloud barrier and kidnaps Eve. Jacob reports this to Gordon, who is disbelieving, and is exiled while trying to defend Eve's position. In a last attempt to help her, he utilizes a magical elevator to head down to Royalynn.

Eve awakens to find herself chained to a wall in a castle, which is revealed to belong to Lucas; he was able to heal himself following his last defeat. She learns from him that the rifle she has had with her - she found it in her cabin in the first book - is actually the lightning bolt in disguise. Lucas tells her he plans to use it to destroy the moon, so that when night comes, eternal darkness will cover the land and empower him even more. He also tells her that he cast a spell on Gordon, corrupting his thoughts and feelings; he was never really mad at Eve or her mother. The mage then prepares to blast Eve with the bolt and wipe her memory; however, as Eve learned earlier, the bolt can only be used by someone destined to become the ruler of the harpes; thus, it backfires and destroys the entire fortress.

Lucas vanishes again and Eve is freed, and soon afterward meets up with Edmund and a troop of soldiers - Jacob was able to warn them of Eve's plight. Now knowing the full extent of what has been happening the last few days, Eve decides to return the bolt to Gordon in Celestial City. She and Jacob fly there using his wind powers; as they are approaching the cloud housing the city, the king blasts them with a strike of lightning and they crash into the castle instead. After seeing his grandson injured from the fall, however, the curse placed on Gordon ultimately fades away and he reconciles with his grandchildren. From him, Eve discovers that the bolt had never been stolen - it had been hidden in the castle armory, disguised as a gun, and Joanna unknowingly took it with her as protection.

With everything now as it should be, the harpies proceed with the Great Storm, only for disaster to strike yet again. The bell that amplifies into thunder fails to puncture the barrier keeping the rainwater inside the city; thus, it begins to flood. After rallying up noise from every harpy, Eve finally decides that it still isn't enough and asks that Jacob blast her with the lightning bolt; coupled with her light magic, she believes it will be strong enough to break through. They go through with this plan, proving Jacob's status as the next king of Celestial City. Eve, however, loses consciousness and falls to the world below, and Morf, Clare, and Jacob quickly follow to save her.

They arrive just in time to see Eve being carried down to the ground by the stars she had befriended earlier; she is unharmed and soon awakens. Lucas reappears and assures the family that they haven't seen the last of him and that he will return soon for his revenge. Eve then claims she will be prepared for whatever he throws her way. They all head back to the castle and celebrate the salvation of the earth and sky, and Eve makes amends with her mother, who finally is able to pass on.

The Royal PainEdit

Taking place about two months after the last two books, it is now Christmas Eve in Royalynn. While spending the night in her cabin, Eve receives a letter from her father, telling her that he made a discovery that would help stop Lucas. Eager to find out more, she travels to the castle and learns that Edmund plans to send her back in time; that way, she would be able to discover the true reason why Lucas became evil. Despite initial worries that her enemy will put a twist in their plans, Eve agrees and heads twenty-eight years into the past. Before she departs, Edmund gives her a warning: she must stay out of sight or she will instantly return to the present time.

Here, she finds that there are many changes; Clare's parents, the king and queen, are alive, and Lucas and Edmund are now the best friends they once were. Eve sneaks into the dark wizard's room during the night and spies on him as he has an unplanned meeting with a lowly spirit. The ghost promises Lucas one wish of his choosing if, in turn, Lucas does something for him. If Lucas agrees but does not comply with their deal, the spirit would possess him. Now realizing the truth behind Lucas' evil disposition, Eve rushes out and attempts to dissuade him, forgetting her father's warning. Thus, she returns to the present.

Eve locates her father and is shocked to find that he and Clare have been locked in the castle prison. After Eve left, Edmund explains, Lucas appeared and sent other spirits to possess the members of the castle guard. Eve reveals to him the truth about the ghost, and Edmund tells her that in order to free Lucas from his grasp, she will need to find a weapon called the Royal Sword, a powerful artifact from ancient times that is filled with anti-corruption magic. Edmund tells the tale of how it was split into three separate pieces many years prior, with one each sent to the mermaids, cyclopes, and harpies. Eve tells him that she will retrieve them all and leaves the dungeon through a hidden passage.

After facing many dangerous monsters and terrifying beasts, from sea monsters to dark dragons, Eve is able to recover the shards and returns to the castle, only to find Edmund gone. Clare explains that the guards came and took him away. With help from her cousin, Eve reforges the sword and heads upstairs, where, after being attacks by soldiers, she learns of a unique power it has; when it is struck against the shoulder of one of the many statues of armor - derived from the knighting process - the statue will come to life and battle enemies to those who awaken it. Using this ability, Eve is able to distract the guards. After battling one last knight outside the throne room and discovering that it is actually a brainwashed Edmund, she hurries in to confront Lucas.

As promised, the sword frees Lucas from the ghost's wrath; he repays his debt to Eve by saving her life when the spirit attempts to possess her instead. He tells Eve that the spirit is actually the king of violent death, Mortimer, and that the deal was Lucas kill Edmund or be possessed; Mortimer thought that Mortimer's magic and battle skills would be a valuable addition to his undead army. Mortimer than materializes in his true ghost form and prepares to kill them all; before he can, though, Eve is able to trigger another castle defense system, this one in the form of a massive knight statue constructed behind the throne. Before it crushes Mortimer, he is able to retreat to the Underworld, and Edmund and Lucas determine that it will take about six months before he is able to escape again, which is when Eve will have to finally face him. The family then retreats downstairs to find the castle nearly destroyed by the still-active armor statues, and Eve takes solace in the fact that for now, she can pretend that nothing will ever change.

Overall UndoubtedlyEdit

In the final installment of the series, Eve is shown to have accidently crashed through someone's ceiling. She awakens later on and learns that she has found herself in Triagnus, a rural country dedicated against the use of magic, something Eve has spent her life relying on. She meets the prince of the kingdom, Adam, who takes an almost immediate liking to her, and the two become friends. However, he brings her to meet his parents, Hubert and Victoria, who reveal to him the truth behind their relationship with Eve's people. The Royals once lived among the residents of Triagnus; however, they were exiled upon discovery that they broke the laws of the land by practicing magic. The king and queen prepare to kill Eve, but Lucas arrives and saves her at the last second. He is able to convince the rulers to let them go, solely for the sake of peace between the rival kingdoms. Before Eve departs, she makes a secret deal with Adam to fly to Triagnus the following Sunday and meet with him.

She returns to Royalynn with Lucas, and Edmund explains in detail the full history of Royalynn. After the three leaders of the secret magic society in Triagnus were executed by the Royal Family, a war broke out. After many months of fighting and much bloodshed, the fight was ended by the Triagnians, who exiled the mages from the land. Turned away by everything they knew, the refugees built a multitude of boats and set out across the sea, although they went for a very long time without sight of land. Finally, when they were on the verge of giving up, their patrons, the 'First' Royals, willed a massive land to rise up from the ocean. It was here that Royalynn was finally established, and from that point on, the Royals maintained no contact with the worlds outside their own.

Not sure what to make of the story, Eve becomes more determined than ever to speak with Adam again. As she is preparing to leave the following weekend, however, Lucas confronts her, revealing that he had heard everything she and Adam had discussed. Then, to her surprise, he tells her that he is not disallowing her from going; he explains that he was one of the land's first settlers; he fled to Royalynn with the others after his loved one, the princess of Triagnus, was executed for falling in love with him. He also grants Eve a magical shield composed of dark magic as protection. Eve returns to Triagnus and shares her discoveries with Adam before scheduling a next meeting the following week.

Eve becomes increasingly worried as she begins to become attracted to Adam despite their family rivalry, and the two begin meeting regularly. During one of their visits, they are confronted by Mortimer, who admits to them that he was the reason Eve crashed in Triagnus; he had attempted to knock her out of the sky and into the ocean, but she was saved and brought to Triagnus by the stars she had befriended. He then takes Eve hostage and retreats to Royalynn, chaining her up inside a cave. Eve learns from him there that she is the reincarnated form of the princess Lucas had fallen in love with; the Royal Guardians freed her from the Underworld following her execution and granted her new life, which is why Mortimer had been trying so hard to kill her - to exact his revenge. Mortimer then leaves her there while he runs a few 'errands', assuring her he will kill her as soon as he returns.

Through a series of mishaps, Adam is able to make it to Royalynn and, with help from Clare and Arluin, his horse, hurries into the mountains, where he finds Eve still trapped in the cave. He reveals to her that a war has nearly begun over her disappearance and kisses her, returning the budding romantic feelings she was beginning to have for him. As they are preparing to return to the castle, Edmund and Eve's other friends arrive and express relief that she is safe and gratitude that Adam had the courage to rescue her. Now realizing that the castle is alone and unprotected, Eve hurries there with Adam and battles Lucas on a piece of land she creates in the sky. At first, Mortimer bests and nearly kills her, and Eve is transported to another realm. There, she meets the royal guardians, who explain to her that they can revive her since she is a victim of 'unjust' death. Eve quickly regains consciousness, much to her family's delight, and uses the Royal Sword to destroy Mortimer, who vanishes in a flash of light, and the kingdoms rejoice. With their differences peacefully settled, the exile placed on the Royals is annulled, granting members of both lands the freedom to visit each other as they please. Lucas assures Eve that no matter what form she takes, past or present, he will always love her, though he claims that 'this time' he will look to her as a 'daughter'. Eve then works to prepare for her next visit from Adam.


A wielder of powerful magic, Eve's powers include:

  • Ability to summon and control fire
    • Like all elemental magic, Eve can manifest her fire magic as a powerful arm she forms with her hair, enhanced with the power of heat
  • Complete control over ice and snow
    • As with her fire magic, Eve can shoot blasts of blistery cold ice from her eyes
  • Control over light
    • One of Eve's most well-known abilities is the power to turn herself into a comet. Edmund also mentions that her light magic is the same energy that keeps the stars shining.

In addition to these, Eve has a handful of other magical items in her possession, among them the Royal Sword, a Shadow Shield, the air-altering Wind Compass, and (in the first two stories) a rifle, which turned out to be an alternate form of a lightning bolt.


Eve is apparently tougher-looking than other girls her age, most likely from the hard work she does, although her appearance seems to be nothing more than a deceiving shell. Her hair is short and dark red, something Clare thinks is cool, and her eyes are grayish purple. Like all Royals, she had pointed ears and is supposedly short compared to regular humans, though she has a higher stature compared to her fellow Royals. She is usually seen wearing a t-shirt, cargo pants, and a bomber jacket she received from her mother.


Eve can be very stubborn and even conceited at times, though she seems to reserve these traits for strangers, as seen when she first meets Clare. On the inside, she is brave and loyal and is always willing to do whatever it takes to help a friend. The loss of her mother left Eve with emotional scars that never truly went away; Clare claims that she does a pretty good job of 'covering them up'. She is very humorous and loves doing hard work.


Eve's name has multiple meanings. 'Eve' literally means 'life' or 'living', a clear reference to her ongoing struggle against the lord of death, Mortimer. It also alludes to her relationship with Adam; 'Adam and Eve' were, in Christianity, the first man and woman to exist. Their middle names, Romeo and Juliet', refer to William Shakespeare's well-known play depicting two star-crossed lovers, as Adam's and Eve's families are rivals. It may also be derived from the Latin word 'avis', meaning 'bird', as Eve's lineage traces back to the harpies who live in the sky. It also has ties with Adam, whose name means 'earth', as Adam's people do not use magic and are more down-to-earth, while the Royals use magic in their everyday lives and place high values on it.