Harpies are a reccurring race in the series, making their debut in Sky's the Limit. They inhabit Cloudcrest Kingdom, in the skies above Royalynn, though after their alliances with the Royals was restored, they are found in various places on land. They represent the element of wind.


Like many of the races of Royalynn, the harpies resemble humans in many ways. The only difference is the feathers they have on their arms, which they can will to grow into a full set of wings when nessecary. They are also lighter than Royals, to help them better remain aloft on the winds. Hooked noses are also quite common, reminiscent of a bird's beak. They once resembled avians much more than their present forms, sporting beaks and talons in addition to wings.


Harpies have aerokinesis - air magic - to assist in flying. Wind is a major part of their everyday lives. Their powers include:

  • Summoning and controlling winds, including using them as air cushions or barriers
  • Creating/manipulating thunder, clouds, and lightning, to a certain to degree
  • The ability to speak to birds and sky creatures.
  • Can warp anywhere almost instantly, a form of air travel.
  • Although it is very uncommon, harpies have the ability to annul their powers, shedding their wings and becoming regular humans, although they are still usually considered a 'harpy' by their kind.

Notable MembersEdit

  • King Gordon Pierce
  • Prince Jacob Pierce
  • Princess Joanna Pierce (annuled)
  • Princess Evelyn Juliet Pierce (inherited from Joanna)