Joanna 'Mama' Pierce is the mother of Evelyn Pierce. A free-spirited and independent woman, she died prior to the events of the story. She is a harpy and princess in Cloudcrest Kingdom.


Joanna was born in Cloudcrest Kingdom to King Gordon and Queen Ariel. Due to his doubts and uncertainties about the outside world, Gordon was often very strict in raising his daughter. Although he did love her very much, Joanna was prompted by his actions to run away on the eve of her seventeenth birthday, taking a hot-air balloon and, mistakenly, her father's lightning bolt with her.

Joanna made many allies in her new world, though she spent a majority of her time travelling alone. After a few years, she met and began a relationship with Edmund Royce, the kingdom's head of magical defense. Evelyn was born after a brief time, and although Joanna hadn't expected the new addition, she loved her just the same.