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Luna is a character introduced in Starlit Salvation. She is the mother of all the stars and ruler of the world of light, and in reality is nothing more than a physical representation of the moon. She cares deeply for the stars and hold high respect for Evelyn Pierce. One of her most noticeable qualities is her blindness, which she sustained as a by-product of living in the intense light of the stars for so long.


Luna was the very first being to exist in the universe. First she created the moon to be her second self, and to serve as a lantern to protect the next several things she was to make. She produced with her power the sprawling lands and seas and sent people to live on them before creating a separate world of her own to inhabit. Eventually, she grew lonely there by herself and gave birth to the stars, whom she loved very much.

It was revealed in _______ that after Joanna, Eve's mother, died, Eve was found in the balloon by Benny, who took her to Luna. Luna let Eve live at the castle for many years, and came to enjoy her company in the process, before she finally had to return to Royalynn.

Although it is never stated, the lightning bolt used by harpy leaders was a gift to them from Luna, because of the harpies' close connection to the starry heavens.