Oort is a world introduced in _-_-_-_-_-_. It is very vast, never-ending, in fact, and it is always night there. The only way into Oort is through the stars in the night sky or through the moon, when it is out. If one enters Oort while it is night, time will not pass in the world they left until they return. Also, Luna claims that people who travel between their world and Oort will occasionally lose memories of their time there when they return.


Oort has a very rural enviroment. It consists of rolling green hills and forests, and it is ringed by mountains. If one attempts to pass over the mountains, they will find themselves at the opposite side of the world from the one they tried to leave from. At the center of the world is Luna's castle.



Oort is named after the Oort Cloud, the region beyond the Solar System where comets are thought to originate, as Oort serves as the home to all stars.